About Us

Working together to provide solutions to homelessness in Collin County


Mission Statement

To unite the community in addressing homelessness by:

*Increasing awareness

*Coordinating advocacy

*Facilitating information, referrals or resources

*Empowering collaborative programming and services


Efforts to End Homelessness

In 2001, President Bush reactivated the Interagency Council on Homelessness, originally established in 1987, to better coordinate the efforts of 18 federal agencies in addressing the needs of homeless persons. The Interagency Council issued a call for cities and counties throughout the U.S. to develop 10-year plans to end homelessness.

Responding to that call, in 2004, the City of Plano sought to coordinate the construction of a plan to end chronic homelessness in Collin County. “Homeward Bound, a County-Wide Plan to End Chronic Homelessness” is the plan for Collin County. The plan was approved by the City of Plano City Council in December 2004, and distributed to other non-profit and governmental entities throughout Collin County. The Collin County Homeless Coalition was formed after establishing the County-wide plan. The City of Plano is an active participant in the Collin County Homeless Coalition and the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA) in order to ensure that the needs of homeless individuals Collin County are met.